Top 9 Essential Products for Curly Hair

(I was unprepared to do a Pinterest trial today, so please accept this crappy advice post.)

Almost every conversation I’ve had about my hair has gone something like this.

Random Guy/Gal: “Wow, I love your hair! Is it naturally curly?”

Me: “I mean yeah, it’s naturally curly but I curl it sometimes too-”

RG: “That’s so great, I wish mine was like that.”

Me: “Trust me I wish mine was straight,”

RG: “Aw no I’m sure it’s not that bad it’s so pret-”


But we’re born with what we’re born with, so I just have to make it work. Which is expensive because there are so many different products, with tons of cute packaging, and I want to try them all but I can’t. Thankfully, I’ve had these waves for a while now so I’ve tailored my hair regiment to my specific needs, with an arsenal of reliable products to keep me looking fly.


Pictured: Sass incarnate, 3 oz of mousse

So here’s some of the oils, tools, and mousses that get me through the day. Also, I have to mention that I’m not being paid by any of these companies to endorse their products, just sharing their names out of love and respect.


  1. Start in the shower: Colour Refreshing Gloss for Medium Brunettes (John Frieda)


I don’t die my hair; I never have, and although I have plans to in the future, I don’t think I could keep it up at this stage of my life where a cup of macaroni is a meal. Hair dye is also very damaging to hair, especially curly hair, which is already low in moisture. So use this little beauty about once a week to get rid of any mousy-ness your mop may have, as well as add shine. They recently upped the price and halved the amount that they sell, but I still find my self coming back to it to keep my hair looking vibrant and glossy.

2. Extra Firm Control Mousse (TRESemme)


Every curly girl should have a good mousse. I normally use the “Flawless Curls” version of this brand, but I was at school when I ran out and could only afford the travel size, which only comes in this version, so I had to settle. But it isn’t really settling if it’s a TRESemme mousse, as they all provide lots of hold and a pleasant smell. You should see the giant bottle I left at home.

3. Curl Enhancing Smoothie (Shea Moisture)


I can see you all looking at me through your computer screens, saying “TheFabledRachael, are you telling us you put a smoothie in your hair?” and to that I say, yes, yes I do. But mine is made with coconut, hibiscus, silk protein, and neem oil instead of bananas and strawberries. It’s consistency is clumpier than a gel, thicker than a mousse, and silkier than a cream; it’s really hard to describe. And you only need a VERY LITTLE BIT in your hair or else you’ll end up a grease ball, but it’s very efficient at smoothing hair and getting rid of frizz. It’s one to use in moderation, but it smells and works amazingly.

4. Moroccan Argan Oil (organiX)


Dealing with curly hair is all about adding the right amount of moisture, and oil is a simple, but very underrated way of doing that. This argan oil (I don’t think I know what argan is, is it a country?) comes in a nifty little spray bottle, and adds a butt load of shine to your ‘do. It’s light, hence the “weightless” claim, and banishes frizz. If you can’t tell, my bottle is almost empty, and this is the second bottle I’ve bought (read: stolen from my sister when mine ran out).

5. Anti-Humidity Hairspray (Pantene)


Hairspray is important. Honestly, if you have hair at all, you know this is important. Smoothing and anti-humidity hairspray is ideal for curly girls because of obvious reasons. I actually stole this hairspray from my sister too (it’s okay, she doesn’t read this blog), because I liked the packaging and she never used it. It works pretty well, and both Pantene’s aerosol and non-aerosol hairsprays have been good to me in the past.

6. Dry Shampoo (Dove)


When your hair is a little kinky, it’s a well known fact that you’re not supposed to be washing it everyday, as it removes the natural oils and causes it to get greasier faster. I’ve been trying to explain this to people for years to make them understand why I only wash my hair every four days. I might buy a blimp. But dry shampoo is an essential for me, to extend the time in-between showers and absorb all the oils that make my head look like a saturated mop. The Dove version has been so-so. There’s also a TRESemme version that has clay in it that works very well.

7. Curling Irons, multiple barrel sizes (Conair)


I can see you all staring at me again, saying, “But TFR, if my hair is already curly, why would I curl it?” to which I say, I’m not sure you have curly hair, random person, because if you do, you know your curls can always be BETTER. I have about three different barrel sizes, a 3/4 inch, a 1 inch, and a 1-1/4 inch, as well as a straightener for my bangs and the top of my head. Even for girls who never want to curl their whole heads, a small iron is still imperative for fixing pieces that might not blend in with the rest of your natural curls. Heat is always the most efficient way to get your hair to look exactly the way you want it.

8. Teasing comb (Goody)


Sometimes you just crave some of that sweet hair height, so you need a comb that’ll tease your hair to high heaven. Tracy Turnblad or Jackie O wouldn’t be caught dead without their trusty teaser. A little back combing at the crown and you’re ready to go out on the town sporting a more daring ‘do.

9. A Special Shout-out: my Shower Cap


I probably should give this little guy a name, judging by the extent to which I lovingly use him. I’ve said before that curly girls should wait a few days in between washing your hair, but that shouldn’t mean sacrificing basic bodily hygiene. So when it’s time to wash down, just slip your locks under a fun shower cap made out of a thicker material to make it last longer. And maybe give him a name, he deserves it.


Pictured: less sass, more mousse


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