This Week in the News: Feb. 21st 2016

As a journalism student, I’m probably reading the news or something news-related about 98% of my day. So I might as well blog about it so you all can keep up to date on the happenings as well. So here’s what happened in the news this week:

*Disclaimer: some of these stories aren’t exactly hard news. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be appreciated.

Tax Cut on Tampons Gets Turned Down by a Bunch of Dudes (2/17)

Embed from Getty Images

An all-male panel in Utah voted against making feminine hygiene products, incontinence pads, and children’s diapers tax free. Apparently part of the reasoning is due to the fact they don’t think these items are necessary, and “they want to make the tax system predictable.” Which is funny, because those products are necessary when my system is not predictable.

Read more here.

Lady Gaga Got a Sweet Bowie Tattoo (2/15)

Embed from Getty Images

Before taking the stage on Monday night at the Emmys for her performance honoring David Bowie, Lady Gaga got David Bowie’s whole face tattooed on her ribcage. Of course some of you might already be aware of this, since she documented the whole thing on her snap story.

Read more here.

Apparently Caitlyn Jenner Got in a Car Crash? (2/17)

Embed from Getty Images

When did this happen? I’m not up on the times. Apparently Caitlyn rear ended a woman who rear ended another car and pushed it into oncoming traffic, causing a fatal accident. Caitlyn is filing a cross-complaint against the woman she rear ended to place at least partial blame on her.

Read more here.

Democratic Debate Historically Hosted by Two Women (2/18)

Embed from Getty Images

Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff became the first women in history to host an all-female moderated  Democratic Presidential debate. The debate aired on Thursday night on PBS NewsHour.

Read more here.



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