Top 5 Romance Novels You Won’t Feel Ashamed to Read

Summer is a great time for reading, friends, but instead of doing some reading myself (I have a busy yet fulfilling career as a full-time back seat driver), I’m going to dish out some nifty reading recommendations.

Some people call it literature, some people call it porn, if you were born before 1960 you might call it ‘smut’, but when it comes down to it, reading a romance novel is a lot like reading Pride and Prejudice, if Darcy and Elizabeth got to boning about halfway through.

So if you’re still squeamish about picking one up, choose one of these winners the Fabled Rachael has officially pre-approved and you’re sure to be instantly hooked.

(Disclaimer: I’m not getting paid to promote these books, but I hear that’s a thing people get paid for so someone please hire me???)

  1. The Perfect Rake (Anne Gracie)


A real tearjerker if you cry easily, which I totally don’t. Psh.

2. Romancing the Duke (Tessa Dare)


A classic take on the ol’ Beauty and the Beast tale, but definitely NOT the Disney version.

3. The Devil in Winter


I mean duh. This is one of the highest rated romance novels of all time, it’s sure not to disappoint. Hop on the bandwagon and join the rest of us in Winter.

4. A Week to be Wicked


Probably my personal favorite. It has everything, bookish heroines, bedroom scenes, and beautiful writing (like you’ve never before seen in a romance novel).

5. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake


This was the first historical romance I ever read, and not a year has gone by since I was 17 that I haven’t read it at least once. Perfectly formulaic, you’ll cherish it from cover to cover.


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