Help! I’m drowning in ‘Cute Vintage Finds’


From where I’m sitting, gazing out upon my kingdom (bedroom in a suburban two story colonial), I can see nothing but check patterned skirts and goofily embroidered t-shirts.

As of right now, I have two full closets of what I’ve deemed “nice enough to hang” clothes,  a full six-drawer dresser, two plastic storage bins of t-shirts and sweatpants, a Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland bag (the big ol’ boys) of winter sweaters, and a pile of clothes in the corner generously “donated” to my collection from my boyfriend, who is just as obsessed with thrift shopping as a I am.

And I’m getting worried.

I have dreams about them combining transformers-style into a big, rag-doll sentient being made of floral patterns and velvet, which I’ll have to fight to the death in order to get out the door.

If I didn’t leave them all over the floor so much, it might not be such a big problem but that’s a personality quirk for another day.

I love going to thrift stores; I love how cheap it is, I love the vintage clothing, I love the convenience, yada yada you’ve heard this before, you read blogs.

But things I thought were must-haves in the stores turn out to be ill-fitting at home, so I’m trying to sell some of my stuff. I spent loads of time researching the best way to do this, and for a while I was toggling between Etsy, the Amazon of crafters, or Depop, a European-originated haven for cool kids with dough to drop on vintage stuff from big-name brands.

I eventually landed on Depop, mostly for the accessibility of the app format, and how easy it was to just take pictures of the items and pop them up for sale. Of course I’ve learned it’s a bit harder than that, you have to research pricing and shipping and write a caption that isn’t so blatantly screaming “PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR PAYCHECK FOR THIS THING I SPENT $0.60 ON”.

I don’t expect to make a ton of money doing this, I mostly just need to purge. And it would be nice to be accepted into the fold of cool kids, although I don’t think I could handle it. I’m weak boned and I own too many things made for comfort over style.

Here are some pieces I currently have for sale:


And here’s the link to my Depop shop, which you can also follow on Insta @thethriftyparrott, or in the app @thriftyparrott.

Happy Monday 🙂



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